Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Configure IBM Cognos 8.3 with IIS 7 and Windows Vista

One of the common problems I has facing is Configure IBM Cognos 8.3 with IIS 7 and Windows Vista for that I summarize the configuration in the following steps hoping be useful

1. In IIS7 goto your device name
2. There in the center screen open ISAPI and CGI RESTRICTIONS
3. On the right screen click add
4. the path: %windir%\system32\inetsrv\cgi.dll (if you dont have this file, install it from the 'turn windows features on/off) where you can find it under the IIS component.
5. Name this thing something like 'dot cgi'
6. Allow it to execute -> done
7. Now click on the right screen 'edit feature settings' and allow cgi (I allowed both cgi and isapi )
8. Click on your device name again and in the center screen open 'Handler mappings'
9. Add module mapping
10. Request path: *.cgi
11. Module: CgiModule
12. Name: dot.cgi
Now you can go to open welcome page and start navigate :http://"ServerName"/Cognos8

Warning: do not add cgi as MIME type
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