Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Integrating Telephony Services Into .NET Applications

Software developers have had limited access to telecom networks and capabilities. Specialized computer-telephony integration protocols are too complex and inflexible to properly link telephony services into enterprise business applications. As such, integrating person-to-person calling, conferencing, and call routing capabilities such as find me-follow me into applications has always been the preserve of specialized developers. As organizations continually attempt to increase the efficiency of their business processes through communications, the inability to easily tie communications services into the fabric of daily operational processes has emerged as a serious obstacle to business profitability.

With the advent of next-generation IP communications, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Web services, these barriers to interconnectivity are being deconstructed. IT and communications systems now share a common language. However, developers are still faced with a lack of easy-to-use development tools to take advantage of this new interconnection capability. In particular, developers using Microsoft’s .NET Framework are challenged by the lack of tools to discover and incorporate telephony services into their business applications. SIP Objects.NET from Inova IT fills this void

you can download the white paper from below URL
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